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Heavy Duty Punching Systems


Punch thickness(Cover thickness) 0~4mm
PVC thickness(PE thickness) 0~1mm
Wire closing 3/16"~1 1/2"(4.8~38 mm)
Max punch width 430mm
Adjustable side margin 2.5~6.5mm
Punch speed 150 punch/minute

1.Can change dies, choose different hole
2.Change dies is easy and fast, only 5 minutes
3.Electric wire closing system on the back of machine
4.Easy operation by foot pedal
5. Close the wire for all 2:1 & 3:1
6.Low cost

S450 is a heavy duty electric punching machine, which can be used in industry, enterprise and large organizations with firm design.
With handsome and commodious appearance, The working platform is also large enough for you to work comfortably.
 S450 has advanced motor reducer and special-made mechanical clutch. Motor can run continuously and punching controlled by foot pedal which is easy and safe for operation.
Interchangeable die is easy and fast, which can punch various holes.Closing double wire is also available by changing punching dies into closing die and can close any size of double wire . 

Binding Documents

Install bad plate

Select  wire and adjust wire height

Wire through the hole

Put onto wire closely

Tread foot pedal





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